Gutter maintenance is important to the functionality of every home, and because getting to the elevated height of the gutters can be risky and dangerous, we recommend hiring a trained professional for all of your gutter needs. It’s not every homeowner’s favorite job, but one that has to be done to avoid costly damages to your home. Leaks, cracks, molding, and more are potential consequences one will have to deal with if their gutters aren’t being properly checked and maintained. A Elcon Builder handyman can help you with all of your gutter needs from repairs and installation to annual cleaning.

When Should You Have a Gutter Cleaning?

When to clean your gutters depends on a lot of things: what kind of gutters you have, where you live, how many trees are nearby, etc. Many experts recommended cleaning your gutters out at least twice a year, usually done at the end of fall and beginning of spring. By cleaning your gutters at the end of fall you can help prevent ice from forming in the winter, which can cause serious damage to your roof and gutters themselves. As the weather starts to warm you will want to have them cleaned again to help clear a path for spring showers.

What Can Happen If They Aren’t Cleaned?

Un-maintenanced gutters can cause many costly damages to your home. One of the first signs homeowners will begin to notice when their gutters need cleaned is clogged downspouts.This will lead to standing water that can accelerate the decomposition of leaves and increase the chance of mold forming in your gutters. Your roof also may suffer if your gutters aren’t taken care of as overflow can accumulate on the roof and soak into the shingles. One of the most costly damages that can occur is a cracked foundation. Foundation cracks usually occur from water damage and expanding ice in the winter. To help prevent this extend your downspouts away from the home and make sure that they are tightly sealed.

How To Know When To Replace Them?

Gutters can last around 20 years if they’re properly installed and maintained over time. The type of gutter you have also affects the longevity of them. It’s said that metal gutters last the longest, while cheaper alternatives such as plastic or vinyl, will not hold up as well. Here are a few signs that may help you identify outdated gutters: cracks, stress along the seams, peeling paint, and growth of mildew and mold around the foundation of the home or in the basement areas. If you are unable to tell, have concerns, or just want to be more knowledgeable on the topic, call your local Elcon Builder for more information and to come inspect your gutters. Sleep easier knowing your gutter cleaning has been taken care of by the professionals at House Doctors!

Still have gutter questions? Find your local Elcon Builder location and give them a call today to see how the professionals can help!