Home renovation can either add to the value of your home or diminish the value if done incorrectly. Depending on the scale of the project, you should prepare for some difficult challenges along the way. We recommend that you have a detailed plan with an end goal before you decide how extensively the need to renovate is. You should also make sure to stick to your budget, remember to add funds into a contingency for any unexpected costs. To help you raise the value of your home without emptying your bank account to the extremes, we have listed five common mistakes made during home renovations.

Cheap Materials 

You know that saying,” You are going to get out what you put in?” That includes buying cheap materials when you are starting a renovation project at home. If you buy cheaper materials now, they will break within one to two years and you will need to renovate again which cost more and wastes your time.

Duct Tape Is NOT Permanent

If you think you can fix a small gap with duct tape, think again. The use of duct tape is only a temporary solution. And by temporary we mean a couple hours. Otherwise, leave the duct tape for decorative purposes during your renovation projects.

Know Your Tools

Don’t use your tools without knowing their proper purpose. If you use the wrong tool on your renovation project three things could happen:

  • You wreck the tool
  • You wreck your project
  • You can hurt yourself

If you need guidance in which tools to use on what, contact your local tool supplier or read the instructions that come with the tool before proceeding with your renovation.

Doesn’t go with the rest of the House

With the use of social media our eyes are constantly seeing different inspirational pictures from Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. When it comes to those photos, take note they are professionally done by interior designers in a newly built house.

Wrong Paint for the Wrong Room

Believe it or not – not all paints are the same. Different surface textures and the operations that happen in certain rooms require different paint types; for your ceiling and/or walls use flat paint. Use semi gloss for bathroom trim and in your dining area. If you want a more upscale look choose a glossy paint. All these paint types can add to the room you are renovating.

In the end, if you want to add value to your home with a renovations, you have to invest in quality materials, not take the easy way out, know your tools and paint types. We at House Doctors hope that this information is helpful for any future projects or renovations if you ever need a helping hand or would like to hire one of our technicians, give us a call or contact us at